Monday, February 1, 2010

Where I write

True, I'm brand new to the Pacific so I don't really know what this new life will be. But I love where I'm writing. Even when it's gray, somewhere over the islands is a fleck of light. And the sky, the bay and silhouetted hills are always a water-color painting. Looking up rejuvenates.

The desktop - a door stained dark - is my father's from when he payed bills in the basement of the house I grew up. Each box in back is dedicated to one project - a book or a film. Photos are mostly downstairs. Not sure if this is how it will be, but for now I'm enjoying the simplicity.

Yeah, so maybe the boxes and (I think) lack of clutter might make me look organized... But, in truth, if I didn't have boxes to close things in, refuse would take over. My fourth grade teacher once turned my desk upside down, insisting that the stuff on the floor was no messier than it had been in my desk. Decades later, I still struggle with organization. Boxes. I love boxes where I can hide my stuff. Maybe that's why I love the long line of boxcars pulled by every few hours.

So, it's Monday (didn't post until Tues), and I love Monday meetings. Worry - is it counter to going with the flow if I state goals for the week?

It's okay, right? Even while flowing one should work to avoid the rocks... Head for smoother water? So I'm hoping modest goals can keep me going in the right direction. (But what if I'm actually supposed to be standing still? A question for later...)

Goals for the week of 2/1/1o:

YA novel
  • Finish transcribing handwritten edits to computer for complete new draft
  • Review 1st 50 pages
  • Send revised 1st 50 to writing partner
Middle grade novel
  • Reread 1st chapter
Strengthening the center
  • Meditate daily
  • At least one walk in nature
Oh yeah, the strengthening the center thing... I've learned that my writing suffers when I forget to do that stuff.


  1. Thanks for following my blog!

    I am thoroughly disturbed that you live on an island in the Pacific. I am stomach sick over that. Wait, maybe it's the ten Red Vines I just inhaled. Well, I hope your major change in lifestyle pays off in whatever way you're hoping it will. I look forward to seeing your progress on the goals you've laid out here.

    Again, thanks for adding me.

    (Vedi, vini, vici!)

  2. Hi Robert, I'm with you on strengthening the center. Like you, my writing suffers when I don't pay attention. I hope the rhythms of the pacific do you right! I like that desktop door, solid with memories, creating the new on top of the old.

  3. Hey Jonathan & Paul - thanks for joining my blog! Blogger Heather (weird - sounds like a religious cult, Sister Heather & Brothers J & P) has sung both your praises & it's been great to hang out on your blogs before I started.

    Oh, I don't live on an island. But I see them...

    To writing & centering! (and to my learning how to respond individually to comments...)

  4. Yay! And it is begun. Congratulations. Now you don't seem all that far away, now that I can see where you work (and seeing the train on Monday was fantastic!--I can imagine it pulling your thoughts on out and onto paper...) Just remember--you are BIcoastal.

  5. P.S. I love the HP product placement!

  6. Monday meeting on Tuesday. Auspicious beginning!!! As far as I'm concerned this blogging business is about making it up as you go along and as long as you are "strengthening the center" you have it made. Welcome to the blogoshere! I feel as if I know you already (through Heather!).

  7. Hi Tina & Heather,

    Tina, welcome to my newborn blog. So happy to put a face & a blog to the name. Ah, Heather... a grand connector.

    Heather, 10,000 thanks (again) for getting me here!


  8. Welcome to the blogging world! I only just joined a couple months ago! So I get you. :)

  9. Great to meet you, Pauling! Another newbie! Makes me feel that I have someone to stand near at the party.

    Yay for new ventures!