Monday, August 9, 2010

You Guys Rock

You surfers of the blogosphere are amazing. Thank you for the help last week with my query. You sent me so much great advice, so many great resources, and pointed me in all the right directions. This isn't about my query. It's about this amazing community filled with people we only sorta know but who give advice, inspiration and momentum.
How cool is it to have readers from Alaska, to Michigan, Massachusetts and Great Britain. Readers who are published authors, peers and high school students. How cool that we get to help one another. That we get to read so much exciting work. I feel that we're all getting first or second MFA's by blogging. We're learning techniques, building community, online conferencing, workshopping, writing and reading. It's almost as good as school.

Many thanks to whatever spurred us to take those first blogging steps. (My crit partner Heather Kelly, amazing writer and den mother of kid lit and YA writers, worked on me for six months to get me to blog; and here's a shout-out to insightful and encouraging Jonathan Arntston and Paul Greci.) See you at WriteOnCon (around the guests who are arriving tomorrow...).

It's a brand new world and we're richer for it. Our readers will be richer for it. This is a happy dance for our corner of the blogosphere.

It's all working for me. What about our community works for you?


  1. Pretty much my sentiments exactly! Thanks for the reminder of how fortunate we are Robert.

  2. ...we're all one massive crit group, stationed sporadically from coast to coast, with the ultimate goal in mind:)

  3. The positive attitude and constant feedback. Everyone gives kind criticism, and if they don't they don't remain on the blogosphere very long.

    Even when defeated they still take time to lift others out of their ruts only to have us later return the favor!

    I'm glad you're feeling the love! Happy Tuesday!

  4. I love acting like my advice might help someone. I think most times it doesn't, but for some reason it makes me feel better to give my two cents. (I think I may be crazy).

  5. Robert!! Thanks for the shout out! Even though I've been such a lame writing partner the last month or so. :) I feel so lucky to be involved in this online community, and so happy that you are HERE!! So glad you got the resources that you need. Queries are tough, especially to write after the book is done. I think they're easier in the beginning. When the book is still an idea.

  6. I think it's the community. The learning. The knowing and being on top of what is happening. Everything makes it all worthwhile! Great post!

  7. I give a hsout out about once a month to my Yahoo! Writers Groups and blogging buddies. Without their help, I'd never be where I am today. Hopefully they can glean something useful from me from time to time.

    Stephen Tremp

  8. I love our community. It rocks! And then rocks some more!

  9. I too love our community. So many lovely writer friends in the blogosphere.
    Very awesome indeed. :)

    I'm your newest follower. *waves* Nice to meet you.


  10. Hi Robert,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for joining ;)
    And to return the favour, I am now following you.
    Having a writing community is great, even if it's in the blogosphere.
    Keep blogging...and writing!

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  12. Robert, thanks for the shout out. I've been happily buried in Writeoncon the last couple of days.

    I feel really fortunate to be part of this online community of amazing people and writers!!

  13. There is something magical about being a writer. How when one is down, others usually rush in to lift them up, keep the one from staying down. We have to look out for one another because it is a terribly cruel world out there. Writers especially have a lot going up against them, whether it's financial support for the craft they love, or a snide comment from someone who doesn't understand.

    Without the camaraderie of other writers, a single scribe could wind up lost to oblivion. The nature of the writing community to decry this as unacceptable provides a safety net for those teetering on the brink.

    Truly a group worth celebrating.

  14. Matthew, Elliot, Jen, Dezmond, Anita, KJ, Heather, Laura, Stephen, Lydia, Paul & Jeffrey... Thanks for joining the happy dance!

  15. Lola, Claudia and Jack - Welcome and thank you for following!

    Lola & Jack, I'll be new your blogs.

    Claudia - thank you for your poetry. It's helping me focus on the words.

  16. I love this post! What the perfect response to Writeoncon. I like the happy dance. It is fun to return to it even as it goes on without me! And it's all good, still waiting and, look, dancing too!