Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here Goes

Another newbie starts a blog - that's what's happening here. A writing partner/mentor/cheerleader has been urging me to jump into these waters and finally, finally I'm doing so. Timing is right - I just switched coasts and our weekly meetings will now only be electronic. I'll miss the face-to-face and the particular smell of the African cafe where we'd most recently been meeting. But this is exciting. Time to splash around in the fantastic community of YA and middle grade writers that I've been hearing so much about.

So now I see the Pacific from my desk rather than bike through the city to watch the Atlantic. My biggest hope for this new life is that I become more adept at going with the flow. For several years I belonged to a filmmakers group in NYC. We called it Making It Happen because that's what we were doing. It worked... But for me now, instead of forcing life, I want to honor it and honor change and see where I'm headed.

So I've put that first novel to bed, although it keeps reappearing, moaning that I make something happen of it, that I change the focus, the narrator, the time, the setting, anything, something, if I make the right change it will work... Or I can allow it to be a great first experience. I've already written number two. Me and number one are through. (Ode to Joe Jackson)

And the flow continues.