Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Time, Space & Enthusiasm

I hadn't planned on taking a break... but now it's four months since my last post. Life happens... And because of that writing happens.

A fantastic agency that provides housing to homeless families asked me to do part-time communications. Seriously, a fantastic agency. We recently received a letter from a kid happy to live in a house because now he can shower and he no longer smells at school and he has friends.

Much of my work these days is for the agency, but the enthusiasm from that work is contagious. I thought ROMEO, ROMEO was finished, but I've gone turbo on a rewrite and a new query. And I'm jazzed to be back at JEB KNOWS. And Our Spirit marketing gallops in new directions.

Because of the communications job, I have less time to write... which means I have more space between what I write... which refreshes my editorial perspective... and builds my enthusiasm.

I love enthusiasm. Communications on behalf of parents and kids who have been homeless, writing for the YA audiences who will someday read my work, building the Our Spirit audience... it all works together.

Time, space and enthusiasm... I think I'd put those on my coat of arms if I had one.
(image from dryicons)