Thursday, May 24, 2012

Realignment... still with coconut

Last year, while considering people to come onto a project, one friend tried to dissuade us from someone because he had too much going on. "No. He's perfect," said another. "Those with the most going on know how to get things done."At the time I paused and considered the wisdom. A year later, I hope to see that truth.

My cool 20 hour/week job has become 30 hours. All's good, the communications work for homeless families important, the people I've met amazing.

My YA fiction writing... I generally start days with an hour of writing and I've been meeting my realigned goal of a chapter every two weeks instead of every one. And my coconut coffee has become sacred. Early Tuesday morning I grind the beans and cinnamon the coconut milk for a longer pre-work writing session. And Saturday... a long luxurious morning to afternoon of writing.

It's interesting how we structure our writing lives. I love writing. Even when I'm stuck, it's relaxing. And the coconut coffee... It keeps bringing me back to my writing table.

What do you do to keep you at the writing table?

(not coconut coffee, but still...)