Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boldly Ourselves

A few evenings ago, seals were swimming near our apartment. Seals have always made me smile. This week, they called out a better part of me, the bold part that liked seals so much that as a 6th grader I read A Seal Called Andre, wrote the author and asked for materials for a report. The same part that of me that contacted playwright Brian Friel after seeing his version of Fathers and Sons and asked if I could interview him in Ireland for my university senior project. The seals reminded me that it can be natural for me to go boldly forward.
That seal up there makes me smile. It's boldly itself. Like we all could be. What does that mean for me? That I'm becoming boldly excited and playful about querying? Kinda.

Thank you, seals, for the reminder. How about you? How are you boldly yourself?

And, of, course CONGRATULATIONS to author Elana Johnson, on her novel POSSESSION. boldly out this week!

(photo from Mike Baird's Flickr page)