Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Best in Others

My intent was not to post again until September. But an unsolicited email arrived that blew me away...
...reading your writing lights a fire in me that few other writers have been able to kindle. I fear that I will lose a catalyst in my own life if you do not push yourself to get your novel and subsequent work out there.
And another...
I'm here for you to lean on about anything, and I'm fine if you don't lean on me.

No guilt, no judgment, just support. :)
What a gift to have friends like these.

I've been out of touch because of summer busy-ness, but want to say THANK YOU for over-the-top encouragement and unconditional support. 

We don't do this writing work alone. Thank you, for helping light the journey.

(photo from Aleksandar Maćašev's photo gallery)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The original post title was Kindness of Strangers, but this kindness was from a friend, not a stranger, and there was no Blanche DuBois tragedy. The kindness is this... how cool to have friends who just let you be... who let you write on their terrace.

Thank you, Peggie. And here's to learning how cool it is to live an hour from Vancouver.

Here's to friendly friends. May we all have the support to do what we're meant to do. The next few weeks will be summer busy-ness, so I won't post until September. Happy writing!